Bituthene 4000 post-applied tanking for RC walls, the picture on the left shows Bituthene 8000 applied to an RC wall (note protection boards are not present)

Preprufe membranes - pre-applied tanking for subfloors

 Betec Flex - specialist retro repair mortar for RC and old stone wall construction where damp/water ingress is a problem and where some degree of  structural movement and/or cracking is likely.

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The cost of development land coupled with ever impressive building products and indeed forward thinking architects and designers has resulted in an unprecedented amount of basement construction in Ireland in recent times. We are now building faster and deeper than we ever thought possible.

It should be considered that almost all structures below ground are likely to be subject to water pressure at some point in their life. The design requirements of BS8102 1990 (code of practise for protection of structures against water from the ground) are usually employed to negate this threat. Additionally there are many continuous tanking systems available that are used with structures designed to BS8102. However not all tanking systems possess the dual functionality of both waterproofing and effective radon protection.

DPM Environmental, since inception has only sourced materials from market leaders with a proven track record in waterproofing and radon protection. The sheer scale of products available can sometimes be confusing, however we can provide you with guidance in selecting the right product for your project.

Systems available:
1. Subfloor membranes
2. RC wall membranes
3. Drainage sheets (use site spoil in lieu of expensive, imported backfill against RC walls)
4. Concrete leak repair (cost effective alternative to resin injection on RC walls and liftshafts etc. Much easier to control cost as in almost every case a price can be given on sealing a leak upfront, compares favourably to injection grouting where cost can sometimes spiral out oif control)
5. Podium & deck waterproofing
6. Wet rooms & balconies

Given the complexity of construction projects in the modern era almost every project will present unique challenges and will sometimes require products and services that may not be mainstream, however there is very little we have not seen and overcome. Contact us for assistance or for advice on a particular problem and let us show you why we are fast becoming Irelands leading specialist membranes contractor.