Specialty Coatings

DPM also offer a number of specialty coatings & Renders to the Building, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Agri industries. Our coatings can provide solutions for the following:

  • Aggressive Chemical attack (sulphuric, hydrochloric and lactic acid resistant to mention but a few)
  • Repair of spalled/damaged concrete
  • Rendering of concrete surfaces to repair groutloss or honeycombing
  • Leak repair to RC structures
  • Coatings have excellent adhesion to almost any substrate (metal, concrete, wood etc) and when installed correctly the right product can last in excess of 10yrs. Typically most coatings require only localised repair after a prolonged period of exposure.

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    Useful links:

    www.sika.com www.basf.com www.fosroc.com www.graceconstruction.com